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This week we are going to get to chat with Andra Marinescu. Andra is 28 years old and works as a Senior Consultant at Astound Commerce – a global digital consulting company. So excited that we get to spend some time with her!



Andra marinescu


Hello Andra! So happy to get to chat to you. Would love to know more about you and your background! Have you always been living in London? If not, since when and what are your favourite parts about this city?

I was born and raised in Romania. I moved to London when I started my post-graduate studies at King’s College and I remained here ever since.

I have been working in London for 3 years now and I can only say that it has been the most beautiful and rewarding experience, but also challenging at the same time.

Besides the historical and cultural setting that it offers, what I love the most about London is that there is always something new to discover. From the talented people that I’ve met and the friends that I’ve made, to amazing restaurants, parties, art shows and events to great career opportunities, this city never ceases to enchant me in any shape or form.


Your Job Sound really exciting ! Please tell us more about what you do ! 

Thank you! I work as a Senior Consultant in Business Consulting which involves helping various global organisations to improve their business and operational processes and accelerate their growth to sharpen their competitive edge on the market. Through helping our clients to overcome key issues, I get to work on many exciting projects and to interact with many people from across all areas of the business. What I enjoy most is the level of responsibility, and the great experience and insight I get into how large businesses are managed and operate.

That sounds really great! How did you get to do this?

I think it was a mix of things. The fact that I pursued a degree in Politics enhanced my communication and networking skills which are crucial to any consulting role. The rest of it was mostly believing in myself, hard work and knowing what I want to achieve in life. I think that to achieve anything significant in life one of the most important things is your attitude, the rest will just follow once you know where you want to be. When you are clear about that, and believe you are worthy of your vision, doors will open and new opportunities for your growth will emerge.


What do you find the most exciting about your work?

The exciting part about working in consultancy is that every day is different, bringing its own interesting challenges and opportunities. And besides I get to work with different clients in many industries so I get to see how many different companies operate, I also get to travel a lot to different countries which is one of the main parts I love about my job.


What have been the biggest challenges you faced in career or life and what helped you overcome them?

As for everybody else, I think my life has been continuously paved with challenges, either small or big life-altering decisions. From an early age, I thought my future would be to become a professional tennis player and that would be my career. However, after 8 years my tennis career came to an end, so I continued focusing on my studies to follow a degree in Politics. By the time I graduated, I realized that what attracts me the most is the business world and this is where I am today.


What do you like to wear at work? Do you have any favourite pieces?

I always dress in something that gives me a feeling of confidence and empowerment, especially since my job requires me to attend many meetings and present in front of clients. My clothing preference is to wear a pair of trousers or skirt, mixed with a silk blouse and medium high heels. Essentially, it is one of the most classic combinations, but the simplicity is powerful and works every time.


What’s your off-duty style?

It really depends on my mood, but I mostly prefer the more casual and loose fabrics that purvey a nonchalant look. I usually go for more of a laid-back style in simple skinny/ ripped jeans, leather trousers and a T-shirt or oversized sweater. That and always mixed with either a trenchcoat, cardigan or leather jacket.  


What is your favourite Changing Factor bag?

Alien Mini Backpack Handbag in yellow – because it can be matched to any elegant or casual outfit, and complements perfectly my newly acquired Alien Geometric Card Holder.

   Alien Mini  Backpack in Mondrian

Alien Mini Backpack in Mondrian


Now when it comes to having fun… what do you like to do in your free time??

In my spare time I am quite an active person rarely seeing myself at home. From dinners and gatherings with my friends to different art and music events I always enjoy going out. And if dancing is involved that’s even better! I am also a keen sports person, mostly favoring the outdoor sports – tennis, skiing and watersports. In between I try to always find some time to try new experiences and explore new places, travelling to as many different countries as I can.


Share with us a favourite piece of advice, quote, or saying of any kind!

A recent quote that comes in my head is from a b-day card I got this year from one of my best friends (you know who you are :)) – ‘Well behaved women seldom make history’.

   Andra is 28 years old and is a senior consultant @  Astound Commerce .

Andra is 28 years old and is a senior consultant @ Astound Commerce.

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