The Changing Factor & W4 - investing in girl's and womens' potential

 Investing in girl's and women' potential with W4

Investing in girl's and women' potential with W4

Our goal as a company and community is to empower women and girls, in any way we can.

One of the ways we planned to do this was by donating 10% of the profit from all purchases made on our website to charities helping women and girls around the world.

W4 seemed like a natural choice for a partner. Why have we chosen them? Simply because we can impact a wide variety of countries and causes - and so can you, every single time you make a purchase.

Just a few of the current projects undertaken by W4:

  • "Who is your heroine?" - project highlighting the valuable contributions made – to society, science, medicine and the arts; to family, the economy, or the environment -- by women around the world. (USA)
  • Fund vital schooling for illiterate rural women in Nepal

  • Give girls from rural areas of Laos books for their classrooms

  • Plant 1 Million Trees and jumpstart livelihoods for women in Tunisia

  • Help protect young Maasai women from Female Genital Cutting by providing them with textbooks and study materials (Kenya)

  • Empowering Guatemalan women through education

And many many more.

Ambassadors of W4 include Andrea Ashworth (english writer, featured in many publications), Wasfia Nazreen (First AND youngest Bangladeshi woman to climb The Seven Summits), Anne-Marie Rocco (senior reporter at Challenges journal) and French actress and activist Clémence Poésy.

What are you waiting for? It's your time to become part of our family of driven, socially conscious untamed women who are on a mission to be the best at what they do and change the world!


Lots of love, TCF team xx