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THIS WEEK WE ARE GOING TO GET TO CHAT WITH Eliška Kyselková. Eliška IS 27 years old and works as a freelance photographer and art director in London [she challenges the beauty streotypes by casting diverse type of models for her fashion photoshoots and brings unique and original concepts which merge fashion and art in epic mixture]. So excited that we get to spend some  time with her!





Hello Eliška! So happy to get to chat to you. Would love to know more about you and your background! Have you always been living in London? If not, since when and what are your favourite parts about this city?  

Hi TCF! I’m originally from Czech Republic, but I’ve been living in London for 4 years now. I love the energy and creativity in here, which keeps me going in my art work. It’s hard to pick up the favourite part of the city, as I enjoy how every part of London is so surprisingly different! My selection would be South Kensington for its museums, posh feeling and sweet pleasures, Hyde Park for relaxation with swans and East London for its vibrant diversity.


Your job sounds really exciting! Please tell us more about what you do!

My work consists of preparing proposals and moodboards for new projects, sketching, meeting with clients and producing and editing the photoshoots. Every day is different and challenging, I always have stuff to do and projects to create.


What are your current photography projects and news in your career?

Our fashion editorial Elves stories has been recently published in Vogue Italia online! which I'm super excited about as the project was done with my dream team in Iceland and has magical atmosphere. I’ve been also selected as Hasselblad Masters finalist with just 9 other photographers from the whole world. I need to wait for jury and public voting now and have the chance to become the Hasselblad Master, something I dreamed from the beginning of my career! Im currently finishing my new personal photography series which will be part of my Encounters project.

   Elves Stories for Vogue Italia

Elves Stories for Vogue Italia

  Campaign for  Sari Rathel

Campaign for Sari Rathel

That sounds awesome!! Many congratulations for your recent achievements, they sound absolutely fabulous! How did you end up doing what you are doing now?

I started creative visual projects on my high school by signing up for the photography competition. The category which involved people got me excited about creating concepts and working with models and I knew that it’s something I want to do in my life. Telling stories and ideas  through photography.

   Cheese for  Hunger Magazine

Cheese for Hunger Magazine

What do you find the most exciting about your work?

I enjoy the process of finding the location and team and changing the thought to something visual and therefore real and tangible, which then can transfer the message of the project to the audience.


What have been the biggest challenges you faced in career or life and what helped you overcome them?

There are many challenges and obstacles in the life of the freelancer. Everyday one is to divide your time between work and personal life.


What do you like to wear at work? Do you have any favourite pieces?

I like to dress up for client meetings to show my sense of fashion and creativity. For shoots, I’m wearing practical and comfortable pieces in which I can perform different photography angles and poses.


What is your favourite Changing Factor bag?

I really like the yellow Alien clutch bag for its original shape and colour!


    Alien Cluch  in Mondrian

Alien Cluch in Mondrian

Alien Clutch - Mondrian - Street style (7).jpg

Now when it comes to having fun… what do you like to do in your free time??

I’m having fun with my work! :) I also enjoy travelling and exploring new unknown places (Iceland was the highlight!). In London, I mainly visit exhibitions, talks, art events and magazine launch parties. Sometimes I just relax by watching a good movie or doing acroyoga with my boyfriend.


Share with us a favourite piece of advice, quote, or saying of any kind!

Save the planet by reducing waste and eating organic, accept yourself and others <3


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   Eliška is 27 years old and works as a freelance photographer and art director in London

Eliška is 27 years old and works as a freelance photographer and art director in London

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