Overwhelmed? How to have a successful weekend

Finding your inner peace during the weekend after a long week of hard work can sometimes be difficult. It is easy to not make any plans and end up on a Sunday night feeling like you have entirely wasted the weekend. We have put together a few ideas to make sure YOU MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FREE TIME and finish the week re-energised, mentally and physically.  

Do some yoga. If you survived a hard working week of excessive emails and telephone calls, you certainly deserve a yoga class to get in touch with your 'Holy Trinity': Your Body, Mind and Soul. Yoga and meditation can enhance creativity, can decrease stress and can help you sleep better. You will be physically and mentally healthier not just during the weekend but throughout the week. To quote a Buddhist Mantra, "Always remember to smile, breathe and go slowly".

Read the best books with your favourite coffee or tea. If you've ever watched Gilmore girls (It's on Netflix if you haven't) and love coffee - you know that you need it like an IV drip - and of course one can never go wrong with a really good book.

'The Girl on the Train' by Paula Hawkling will keep you up all night, and for a more creative mind space, 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert will leave you feeling inspired, and happy to know that it's ok to be afraid sometimes.

Or read something super inspiring to get you ready for the week ahead such as ''Thrive'' or ''The Sleep Revolution'' by Ariana Huffington (MUST READS).

London Review Bookshop - nestled in the vicinity of Bloomsbury's museums and restaurants - is the best place to read and have a cup of coffee if the house is crowded with people and you just want 'Me' time. There aren’t many things that would beat that on a Saturday in London, especially if it’s raining! We say delightful!..

GET ACTIVE by going for a hike or enrolling on a new course like climbing or martial arts. Research has proved that exercise improves your health and reduces your risk of high blood pressure. Spending time in nature is also a great shortcut to serenity. Believe it or not there are amazing hikes you could potentially do in London or around London. It is October, so only go on a nice day and don't forget your raincoat. Find out more about where you could go here.

And if this is not adventurous enough for you, we suggest you try something else! Start a beginner’s course in rock climbing or martial arts. You’ll get to exercise and perfect that hot body, make new friends and feel oh so excited and energised due to learning something new! We say give it a shot!..

Wine and Dine with your girlfriends!  There is pretty much nothing better than gathering all your supergirls for a good session of wining and dining, ideally seasoned with uncontrollable laughter! London is known for its diversity and quality in restaurants. From the East to the West side of the city, you can find anything you fancy. Have some wine together and cheer to a successful week and a great weekend. No matter how well you are doing in other aspects of life, there is nothing that can give one so much satisfaction as well-nurtured relationships. We cheer to that!..

Comment below if you have more good ideas!

With love,

TCF team xx

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 With Alien Mini

With Alien Mini

 With Alien Mini

With Alien Mini

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Alien Mini in Nero