Aren't we all Aliens? // When architecture meets minimalism & punk

A lot of you are wondering why did we name our launch collection “Alien” and where did we find our inspiration? Today we are going to give you a small glimpse into our world!In a way, we believe everyone is sort of an Alien – we all are unique individuals with unique characteristics and skills and we should truly embrace that! That is what makes us special. So naming our collection Alien is our way of saying we think YOU are amazing and we would love to meet YOU, to get to know YOU. Show off your uniqueness and your weirdness.

From a visual point of view, we started off with this idea of something powerful. We just wanted to create something awe-inspiring because we truly believe women are awe-inspiring!

We started by looking at works that we truly found impressive - like the works of Santiago Calatrava, pictured below:

50 - via AD

After which we wanted to take a more artistic approach, really design only with this concept of power and powerful, awe-inspiring women in mind. We loved the DADA approach to art that we spoke about in a previous post. So we just let our creativity flow and we ended up using quite a lot of hardware and have some quite rebellious, punk elements in the design of the collection. We always felt attracted to this idea of punk, or rebellion, of not accepting the status quo. And we truly think this ties in with our quest to support and encourage women because really often modern women need to rebel and to say no to the status quo. Some rules simply need to be re-written. So in a way, we are all a little PUNK, we are all a little DADA, we are all a little Alien. So.. what kind of Alien are you?

With love,

The TCF team xx

P.S. Lesson of Anatomy below

 Anatomy of an Alien bag I

Anatomy of an Alien bag I

 Anatomy of an Alien bag II

Anatomy of an Alien bag II