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Hello. Welcome. Nice to meet you!! <3

The Changing Factor was created out of a desire to truly be a 'changing factor' in the industry and for our clients ("supergirls" how we LIKE to call THEM).

Our AIMS will always be to be pioneers in design, to be an example in the industry (by giving 10% of our profit to W4 - an amazing innovative charity also supported by FRENCH ACTRESS & ACTIVIST CLÉMENCE POÉSY)and to be supporters of our clients - the bold - the SOPHISTICATED - the fearless modern women from all over the globe.


Since our launch in 2016 we are proudly represented by 15 stockists in Europe (UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal), USA, Middle East (Israel) and Australia.

We have also been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Idol, The Telegraph and Stella Magazine, It's Liquid Design platform and various blogs.


Our goal is to BE truly global and to not only create beautiful, One-of-A-KIND products but also a beautiful AND one-of-a-kind global community.


Welcome to #theuntamedclub.



This Season


How would it be to live in a world that is all awe-inspiring? Our collection 'Alien' has been inspired by this question and the work of awe-inspiring Zaha Hadid and it features bold, architectural wing-like structures that are worth of wonder women. Because we live in a world full of wonder women.